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Bioinformatics is a highly interdisciplinary, using techniques and concepts from applied mathematics, informatics, statistics, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, linguistics and computer science to solve biological problems and is the interface between the biological and computational sciences. Bioinformatics is an integration of mathematical, statistical and computer methods to analyse biological, biochemical, and biophysical data. It is the application of computer technology to the management and analysis of biological data such as the sequences of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (Ribonucleic acid) in genes and amino acids in proteins.

Program Overview

A course on “Basic Cellular and Molecular Biology” is designed to provide the knowledge to the PG diploma Bioinformatics students in invaluable areas of advanced microbiology and biotechnology which plays a crucial role in determining its future use and applications in medicine, drug discovery and in pharmaceutical industry.

The second course “Bioinformatics” engages in any combination of research, teaching, clinical service, and consultation. There is a growing need for bioinformatics researchers who can analyse new sources of high-throughput experimental data in biology, medicine, and bioengineering.

This program offered by JSS University is globally accredited online PG Diploma program that covers important concepts, practices, and trends in the subject area. This program provides high-quality academic and technical training covering key functional aspects of knowledge, practices, business, and their interconnection. The course covers the main business theories combined with practical insights to develop knowledge and skills in real-time management and business decision-making.

The program is geared to equip learners with flexible patterns of thinking and behaviour to succeed as future workers in global business environment. Given its scope, the program will benefit learners seeking to develop skills, improve competency, and build expertise in the subject. This industry focused curriculum is designed by seasoned professional and experts in this field. The curriculum is planned to get an update at regular intervals keeping in the view of the latest global trends.

The program provides dynamic course material shared electronically with 24 X 7 online learning facility. This self-paced program with guidance from experienced faculty offers ample exposure to real life practices through projects and assignments.

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Course Coordinator
Dr. Raman Rajesh Kumar is the Course Coordinator for the PG Diploma in Bioinformatics course at JSS AHER.

Dr. Raman Rajesh Kumar

PG Diploma In Bioinformatics

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Professor and Deputy Director (Academics)
Dr Vishal Kumar Gupta is presently working as Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutics. In his more than 13 years of teaching experience..

Dr. Vishal Kumar Gupta

PG Diploma In Bioinformatics

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Course Coordinator Dr. Mamatha H K is an Assistant Professor at JSS AHER and Coordinator for the MBA Hospital Administration Course.

Dr. Mamatha H K

MBA in Hospital Administration